News & Updates
  • Family Sports Day
  • The smiling warm sun of a beautiful golden autumn day is the best time to go out for a Families Sports Day. In order to give all parents an opportunity to join in, this activity always happens on a weekend day. Some campuses chose Saturday, 21st, others chose Sunday, 22nd, and there are also campuses that will be going out for Sports Day on the following weekend.

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  • Back to School
  • Last week, our International Campuses held a half-day orientation activity for all children and families. The children were excited to be back at school and see their friends, while for all new kids this was an opportunity to meet their new friends and teachers as well as to discover the playground and their new classrooms at Fortune Kindergarten. School has officially started on Monday!

  • 20171030132858
  • K2 children celebrating 100 Days at School
  • Mid-February, children and families from K2 classes celebrated 100 days at school with a range of class activities followed by children displaying and talking about their 100 day art projects. The day culminated with a 100 days at school art exhibit in the school lobby to share children’s masterpieces with the school communities.

  • 20171030132858
  • K1 Grand Prix
  • Fortune Kindergarten K1 classes couldn't have chosen a nicer day for their annual Grand Prix. The weather was perfect for the students to show off their homemade race cars and their racing skills. And most importantly, everyone came out a winner!