News & Updates
  • Jinkui Campus Family Day
  • Fortune Jinkui campus proudly opened their doors for their first-ever super family day on 21st September!Preschool families joined in our fun-filled classroom activities, enjoyed music with our stunning music team and, last but not least, our parents were amazed by our super P.E team as well! It was a great day to get to know about each family and, as our parents got involved in all the activities, it opened a new gate-way for our parents to get to know our preschool teachers and other staff as well.

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  • Happy Teachers' Day
  • This year the Xiehe Education Center Teacher’s Day Forum 2018 welcomed some of Fortune Kindergarten’s principals, teachers and staff to participate at the 34th Teacher's Day celebration. This celebration was centered on, “Chinese and foreign teachers dialogue: Promoting and practicing teacher’s morality”. At this event, educators shared the importance and necessary qualities good teachers need to demonstrate.

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  • 2018 Family Orientation Day
  • On August 31, 2018, the children and their parents of Fortune Kindergarten returned to their kindergarten to attend a half-day orientation. A variety of games and activities have helped parents and children rediscover school life and prepare them for the start of the 2018 school year.

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  • 2018 school year is here!
  • On August 15, 2018, all of the Fortune Kindergarten staff returned to school in anticipation of the new academic year. Although there is still half a month before school begins, we are working hard to provide a clean and safe teaching environment for the children, parents and staff. We hope that the children can have fun and play safely. In the next two weeks, teachers and ayis will be participating in various types of training to ensure their expertise and knowledge will be further enhanced. We all look forward to meeting you very soon!