Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning club is based on manipulative games with very young learners in a small group setting. Each class has a maximum of 10 students to ensure that the teacher gives enough time and attention to each child's individual needs. This club prepares children for the Jelic courses available from Pre K. The materials used are from "Eastern Star". They depart from situations and materials that the children encounter in their everyday life and engage the children in learning through play activities that stimulate them to build on their own knowledge and experience while trying out new things; thinking, discovering and solving problems step by step.

English Club

English club utilizes theme based conversational activities, story books and songs to help children increase their vocabulary and improve their ability to communicate in English with their peers and teachers.


Craft Club

In this club teachers prepare a rich variety of materials for the children to work with. Teachers create activities that allow the children to explore art, create art and enjoy art, while at the same time improving their fine motor skills. Some children who have joined this club have won prizes at drawing competitions for 3 – 6 year-olds.

Dance Club

We teach children's Ballet, Chinese dance and and modern dance, with the understanding that the most important goal is to cultivate an interest in dance. We try to give the children who join this club opportunities to perform at school functions. Dance lessons are arranged following Chinese Dance Tests step I or II.



The perfect integration of martial arts and calisthenics brings us modern karate. Karate is not a dangerous sport. Actually, it helps children develop self-discipline and the systematic exercises involved in learning karate improves health while at the same time enhancing willpower, reaction time, speed and coordination.


Our piano teachers are professional children's piano teachers。Piano lessons, are one-on-one for 30 minutes each time. Lesson times are discussed and arranged with the parents individually.


Beginner Class: non-native Chinese speakers.

Advanced Class: for native Chinese speakers.

The club is designed to provide children with a stimulating, rich Chinese learning experience without the pressure. Just as they normally learn how to speak, children can learn to speak Mandarin, read and recognize, as well as write Chinese characters. The children's overall intellectual development is stimulated while the texts help develop positive moral values. Their observation skills, attention and memory along with their logical thinking and creativity are all stimulated by this program.

Pottery Club

Pottery is in fact one of the children's favorite activities – who doesn't like playing with clay? It stimulates the imagination and helps develop a sense of aesthetics creativity. The materials used are natural clays without any chemicals or unpleasant smells. This class helps children to become more detail oriented, and also helps with developing small motor skills/muscles.


The Jelic club teaches children how to solve math and logic problems. The program is individualized; each child uses a personal passport to assign tasks consistent with their individual level; monitor their ongoing development and keep track of their progress.

Chinese Painting

This class introduces children to some of the basic techniques of Chinese traditional ink painting. Chinese traditional painting improves fine motor skills and provides an excellent foundation for writing. Furthermore, it is a fun and interesting way to experience Chinese art and culture.



Football club focuses on getting children to participate in a fun physical activity, while also focusing on developing basic football skills. In a typical session, we begin with a warm-up, followed by skills development and then we finish up with the best part; a small football match.