Welcome to our school website. We hope, as you browse through the pages of our website, to project to you and your family the spirit and warmth of Fortune Kindergarten. There is, however, no substitute for a visit to our school to experience yourself the feel of our East meets West philosophy of education.



Fortune Kindergarten was established in 1998 with the purpose of offering families a caring and supportive environment, merging Chinese and Western teaching and learning approaches to prepare young children for the future. Each class has a Chinese and English speaking homeroom teacher and a full-time caregiver. This system of co-teaching with designated Chinese and English days allows our teachers to deliver our school based thematic curriculum in a truly international context and places emphasis on the natural acquisition of both languages.



Our school is host to over 30 nationalities. This diversity is celebrated during “All Cultures Week”, where teachers, children and families come together to celebrate both our differences and our shared sense of humanity. We endeavor, through such activities and our thematic curriculum, to equip our children with effective language and cross-cultural skills, while assisting them to understand and appreciate their own culture in the context of the interconnected world in which we all live.



As educators we believe that children are the center of the educational process and while we strive to help children develop personally, socially and academically we also assist children to think critically, develop, and weight options, make choices and solve problems. We believe that this approach to learning provides children with a strong all round experience to build on as they make the transition from Kindergarten to Primary school.








At the heart of Fortune Kindergarten is a dynamic and diverse community with a passion for empowering children to reach their full potential.


We believe that learning and development go beyond the classroom walls. The management, teachers, and parents all work together to ensure a joyful, curiosity- filled kindergarten experience that is safe and open to all voices. At Fortune Kindergarten, students from different racial and ethnic backgrounds learn and grow alongside each other, respecting and building understanding for and learning to experience the complexities of living in our diverse world. Our strong and diverse community provides support for families against a multicultural backdrop.




Roots & Shoots


Roots and Shoots


Fortune Kindergarten participates in the Roots & Shoots program, a global environmental and humanitarian program for youth. Students learn to interact with the environment, demonstrate care and compassion for animals, the environment, and the human community. Each year our children grow an organic garden. The students are responsible for all parts of the growing process, from selecting fruits and vegetables to preparing the planting area with home-made compost, and planting and harvesting.


For more information please visit the Roots & Shoots Website Roots&Shoots





Parent Support Group



Fortune Parents Support Group


The Fortune Parents Support Group (FPSG) is very active in the school community; assisting with a number of school events, providing parent/community feedback to the school, organising charity events, helping to identify parents to assume the roles of class representatives, arranging parent volunteers to assist with school improvement projects and a host of other important school activities.


These activities and the involvement of parents in the school is not only a very rewarding experience in itself, but it is also of great benefit to the children. A school with an active Parent Support Group is a complete community and, as a result, a better, more enriched, educational establishment.


Sister Schools


Fortune Kindergarten is a part of Xiehe Education Group, which offers continuing bilingual education from primary school through high school. Xiehe international schools share our philosophy of learning, offering pathways to your child's growth.


For more information please visit the Shanghai Xiehe Education website.Xiehe














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