Frequently Asked Questions


Q: At what age will my child be accepted? How will the school determine my child’s grade?

A: Babies must have turned 18 months by September 1st of each new school year.

Toddlers must have turned 2 years old by September 1st each new school year.

Pre K students must have turned 3 years old by September 1st each new school year.

K1 students must have turned 4 years old by September 1st each new school year.

K2 students must have turned 5 years old by September 1st each new school year.


Q: Must the Toddler students be potty trained?

A: No. Their specific needs will be attended to by specialized personnel.


Q: Will I be able to accompany my child in the first days of school?

A: Yes, you are welcome to stay a while in the first three days of school. The teachers will guide you and explain how it is best to support your child during adjustment.


Q: Will my child wear a uniform?

A: Yes, we encourage all children to wear a full school uniform set every day. School uniforms can be purchased online at our school uniform provider Please ensure that you purchase school uniforms consistent with the seasons. 


Q: Should I prepare a lunch box? What if my child has allergies?

A: Two snacks and one lunch are served daily. Special menus for allergic children are prepared case by case. In special cases parents can also send a lunchbox.


Q: Must my child take naps at school?

A: Naps are needed for Toddler and PreK students. In K1 and K2 the children can choose to nap or not according to their own development. All these children will be supervised together by a teacher or caregiver.


Q: Is there a school bus service?

A: Yes, school bus services are available within reasonable distance from school. School bus routes information is available at the school.


Q: What is the class size and the child/adult ratio?

A: For Toddlers 18 students per class – 6 children / adult. For Pre K, K1 and K2, 25 students per class – 7-8 children / adult.


Q: Must my child speak Chinese and English?

A: No. The teachers and care givers are very experienced working with children coming from non-native English / Chinese environments. The child will go through an adjustment period during which we suggest that families keep in very close contact with the school to help with an easier adjustment.


Q: Will the school test my child before enrollment?

A: No. Due to the young age of students no tests will be required. The school will reserve the right to observe and assess the child’s development in the first two months after enrollment and reconsider the child’s enrollment if any relevant development issues arise.


Q: How does the school handle discipline?

A: Cooperative behavior is encouraged and modeled by the teachers. Children’s attention is redirected when they become restless or they disturb class activities. Conflicts are immediately dealt with and children are encouraged to make friends and play well together. Sharing and caring are encouraged and modeled throughout the day.